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Green Pastures and Still Waters

It usually happens to me while hunting. Some of you may experience the same thing while shopping. Some of you athletes will experience the same thing in a different way. I’m talking about missed opportunity. I have failed to make a good shot and missed an opportunity. Some of you were waiting for the store to drop the price another 15%, while you waited, they sold out. Maybe you are a baseball player and you held back when you should have taken a swing. You won’t get that pitch again! Palm Sunday, for all its festivity and celebration was really quite a sad day. At least it was for Jesus. People were missing an incredible opportunity. In Luke 19, we find Jesus weeping. This wasn’t His first or only lament over the city where God had put His Name. In fact, God was grieved many times over the lack of positive response from the leadership of this city. (Read Lamentations) But, while there is sadness in understanding the response, there is also hope. The tears of Jesus are tears of compassion—oh how He loves! And, the promises He makes during the Passion Week remind us that He has every intention of coming back. The Second Advent reminds us that He is not done with us. We are also admonished to not miss an opportunity to believe and receive the life He is offering. “Join” us on Sunday as we consider the entrance of the Lamb of God, who came to take away the sin of the world.

We didn’t make the cut.  We didn’t even get picked last…not picked at all.  Did you see the list?  Did you see who made the cut?  Even Liquor Stores were deemed essential!  But not the church.  How would you feel if somebody determined that your bride was “non-essential?”  I wonder if the angels, who love to peer into the church, shook their heads and said, “Seriously?”  Of course we weren’t alone, there were a lot of businesses and services that were deemed non-essential, including schools.  I always felt that way…about school that is.  I can finally say “I told you so.”  wink  Oh well, there’s always next year.  Hopefully we’ll improve and move up the list.  Maybe we should start selling… never mind.  I’m over it.  I’m not bitter.  God willing, I hope to remind you Sunday that being essential and having value are two different things.  We see this quite often in culture, there are things that some view as non-essential that have great value.  Did you know the church, that is, you, may be determined non-essential but that you, as a believer are of greater value than we can imagine?  The value is determined by the purchase price and you have been purchased by the blood of God.  Smile today believer!  Essential or not, you have great value!