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Weekday Resources

As we band together to "stop the spread," our routines are being disrupted. During this time, we plan to send a daily email to recommend resources for growth and to keep you current on happenings at Calvary. Those recommended resources will also be listed here on our website.

Some of the recommended resources will rely on RightNow Media which is an online streaming service with an extensive library of video content that is sort of like the Netflix but with a distinctive difference. RightNow is faith-based and covers issues from a biblical perspective on topics like marriage, parenting, leadership, finances, and recovery. There is even a family section with thousands of shows and cartoons for kids to enjoy. Calvary pays the subscription costs for all members and attendees. If you are not setup with a login and a password yet, email the office and we'll get you taken care of smiley

Idolatry is people's principal problem. God warns of it in the beginning of the Ten Commandments and the prophets speak of it endlessly. What is an idol? Anything that seeks to rival God on the throne of our heart. Can it be a good thing? Yes. Even church as we "knew it"? Yes. This morning, as we listen to Pastor Shaw's brief word of encouragement and warning, why don't we invite God like David did in Psalm 139 to search our hearts and to show us what's going on inside? He'll be more gentle on us than we might think!

Lincoln Lake Camp is one of our ministry partners in gospel work in the area. Last year, Calvary helped over 100 kids and teens in our church to attend camp through our scholarship programs. However, due to Covid-19, Lincoln Lake has made the difficult decision to cancel summer camp 😥 This is a loss to kids and teens as well as a financial hardship for the camp. But...YOU can help! The board has voted to match your gifts to the camp up to $2,500! Yes, that means you double your money given! Give to Lincoln Lake, under "Desired Project" select "Other" then under "Designation or note" type Calvary Matching Gift. The camp will track your gifts and then the church will match them!!! Calvary - Let's Do This 😀

Do you want to become better? I know many of us do. In fact, some of us have even prayed for growth. Usually, we mean, "God, I'd like You to grow me by fixing me immediately!" But God often uses difficulty and disappointment - even distress - to produce an environment conducive to our growth. His design in times like this is not to harm us but to help us. May God grant to us confidence that though we are hard-pressed yet we will not be crushed. For He is for us, with us, and in us. 

Thank you for praying. View Pastor Shaw's update regarding last night's board meeting. May God bless you with the peace and joy that comes from His presence today.

When is Calvary going to start meeting again? If you are tuned into the news, you know that President Trump has encouraged churches to re-open on the one hand and Governor Whitmer has extended the stay at home order on the other hand. There is a recognition that church is essential and yet church may also be a place where people run the risk of being exposed to infection. So what do we do? Our board has been prayerfully considering these matters from the beginning but this Sunday evening we will be meeting to specifically seek God's will for Calvary at this time. Please, please, please...pray for us. We need Him and we know it! Pastor Shaw will record a video update on Monday morning. Plan to tune in that morning for "breaking news" 😀