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Weekday Resources

As we band together to "stop the spread," our routines are being disrupted. During this time, we plan to send a daily email to recommend resources for growth and to keep you current on happenings at Calvary. Those recommended resources will also be listed here on our website.

Some of the recommended resources will rely on RightNow Media which is an online streaming service with an extensive library of video content that is sort of like the Netflix but with a distinctive difference. RightNow is faith-based and covers issues from a biblical perspective on topics like marriage, parenting, leadership, finances, and recovery. There is even a family section with thousands of shows and cartoons for kids to enjoy. Calvary pays the subscription costs for all members and attendees. If you are not setup with a login and a password yet, email the office and we'll get you taken care of smiley

Many of us are trying to prove we are a somebody or have accepted that we are a nobody. The first approach robs us of peace and is the basis of a life of selfish ambition. The second approach robs us of dignity and is the basis of a victim mentality. There is another "way". It is the way of growing younger. Have you received your "name" from God? If so, what is it? When we let Him name us we have a fighting chance against both pride and despair. "To them He gave the right to be called the children of God, even to those who trust in His character."

What comes into your mind when you think of God? Do you cower in fear of not measuring up? Do you lift up your clenched fist in defiance? Do you relax like a child in His lap? Your approach to God is indicative of your thoughts of God. The reality of God's character is fixed but our perception of God's character is often flimsy. Thankfully, God is at work to form not just our behavior but our beliefs. For, from our beliefs flow our behavior. Every good tree bears good fruit.

Praying that today we can think on what God has done for us through Jesus. He gave us these symbols through communion to demonstrate how deep His love for us goes as well as how rich He has blessed us with a relationship through belief in Jesus. May we dwell on that today, and the next day, and the next day after that...

Do you know what the longest chapter in the Bible is? Right! Psalm 119. Do you know what the last verse in that chapter is? Well, it is a good one to remember today, "I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten Your commands." This morning, Pastor Shaw reminds us of the rugged love of God, His covenant commitment to us. Is the good news about our love for God? No. Is the good news about His love for us? Yes. Live in His joy today. He has set His love on us. He has fully provided for us. He has pursued us to make us His own. He never changes.

Remember Lazarus? If you are not familiar with that story you can find it in John 11. He's the guy Jesus raised from the dead. While others were grieving Lazarus' death, Jesus actually commanded him to come back to life. Talk about changing the mood of the hour! But the funniest part is that shortly afterward, a dinner was held where both Jesus and Lazarus attended. Can you imagine the stories and the laughter? Grace and Redemption inevitably produce Laughter. It's just so ironic that we who were dead in sin are now alive to God. Now that's some serious joy.

Why Music? Have you ever thought about that? It seems like a needless extravagance. Do you really need it to live? It's not on the list of "basic survival needs" like food, drink, shelter, sleep, and oxygen. Perhaps, just maybe, there is a Joy so great that it moves us beyond surviving to thriving. Why can't we just state the truth and be done with it? Because the human spirit knows intuitively there are certain things so beautiful they cannot merely be stated, they must be sung. So sing today, beloved, for the Lord has done great things for you.