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Weekday Resources

As we band together to "stop the spread," our routines are being disrupted. During this time, we plan to send a daily email to recommend resources for growth and to keep you current on happenings at Calvary. Those recommended resources will also be listed here on our website.

Some of the recommended resources will rely on RightNow Media which is an online streaming service with an extensive library of video content that is sort of like the Netflix but with a distinctive difference. RightNow is faith-based and covers issues from a biblical perspective on topics like marriage, parenting, leadership, finances, and recovery. There is even a family section with thousands of shows and cartoons for kids to enjoy. Calvary pays the subscription costs for all members and attendees. If you are not setup with a login and a password yet, email the office and we'll get you taken care of smiley

When we are apart we are still together. That sounds like double talk until we realize that because of the work of Christ, we are one! So, in this time of "separation", let's press into our oneness. As Paul put it, "Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace." Why? Because there is 1 body, 1 Spirit, 1 hope, 1 Lord, 1 faith, 1 baptism, 1 God and Father of all. We are still together, even though we are apart :-)

Do you know what the most important and second most important commandments are? Today, Pastor Shaw unpacks one reason why Jesus made it clear that we have to have "first things first". Loving God is required to love people well. To love others means to be thankful for them, to intercede for them, to will their good, to be a life-giving presence, and most of all to assist them to love God. Father, may our hearts be filled with Your love so we may love those nearest to us today.

This morning, Pastor Shaw reminds us of a classic series of books - The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Of course, there's the bit about the wardrobe. Did you know that Heaven is closer than you thought? Have you ever been sought by Heaven? If not, be assured, you will. And, we can seek it too. Perhaps that's what Jesus meant when He taught us to "seek first the Kingdom". What are you seeking today?

Worship. We are hard-wired to do it. Worship comes down to that which is central in our hearts. Jesus called that "our treasure". He wanted us to treasure what was truly valuable, those "things" which could never be taken from us. Our prayer is that today you will treasure and worship our ever-present God!

Good Morning. It's a cloudy day. Perhaps your soul is overcast too. What to do? Well, you could follow your feelings but to do so may only increase your gloom. We can "call to mind" certain things. This is the gift of being an image-bearer. We are able to lead our thoughts instead of following our feelings. This is no easy task! Take a peak at Lamentations 3:21-26 for more information :-)