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Feb 2, 2020No Condemnation
Bart Bouman
Sep 15, 2019Benefits for Believers
Bart Bouman1Peter 1
Sep 8, 2019Abundantly Blessed
Bart BoumanEphesians 1
May 26, 2019A Prayer for Power
Bart BoumanEphesians 3
Nov 25, 2018Thank You for the Cross
Bart BoumanGalatians 6
Sep 9, 2018The Disciples' Prayer Pt. 2
Bart BoumanMatthew 6
Aug 12, 2018Psalm Fifty-Six
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 56
Apr 22, 2018The Disciples' Prayer Pt. 1
Bart BoumanMatthew 6
Mar 4, 2018Psalm Forty-Five Pt. 2
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 45
Feb 25, 2018Psalm Forty-Five Pt. 1
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 45
Aug 6, 2017The Cross Speaks
Bart Bouman

Communication takes many forms. For instance the spoken word, body language and art all have their place in "getting a point across." The death of Jesus on the cross took place two thousand years ago, yet it still speaks. May God turn our hearts to pay attention to it's message tonight.

Jul 30, 2017Abide in Me
Bart BoumanJohn 15
Apr 23, 2017Psalm Thirty
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 30
Mar 12, 2017Psalm Twenty-Seven
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 27
Feb 12, 2017The Two Paths
Bart BoumanPsalm 1

"You have reached your destination!" Most of us have heard our GPS say that to us a time or two. To arrive at the proper destination requires receiving the right kind of direction and responding to it. "Turn around when possible!" Yeah, we've heard that one too. Today we'll look at an ancient text about a modern and the two approaches there are to living it.

Jan 8, 2017Psalm Twenty-Two
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 22
Nov 20, 2016Psalm Twenty-One
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 21
May 22, 2016Psalm Nine
Studies in the PsalmsBart BoumanPsalm 9

Have you ever heard "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat?" Defeat hurts. In some things it's really minor and we should "grow up" and "get over it." But in big things it matters. But defeat isn't the only reality in life with God. There is victory. And when we allow God to give us the victory it is truly thrilling. David recounts one of those moments. As David remembered God's victory in his life so we may in ours as well.

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