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Mar 27, 2016Does it Really Matter?
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawLuke 24

While every Sunday is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the tradition of taking one day a year and setting it aside for this remembrance is not wrong. In fact, bringing this event to the "front and center" of our thinking is a worthy action. Everything in the Christian faith rises or falls on the resurrection. Paul wrote that if Christ is not risen our faith is in vain and we are, of all the people on the earth — the most miserable!

This morning we're going to re-visit the text of the disappointed couple that we read about last week. Their story didn't end with disappointment, will yours?

Mar 20, 2016Expectations
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawJohn 12

Palm Sunday was a pretty big deal...on the front end. Afterwards, not so much. People had high expectations. They no doubt said things like,

  • "That Jesus has a lot of potential, I sure hop He puts it to good use."
  • "I think things are about to get better around her."
  • "I just feel like something good is about to happen."

In marriage, church and in our life with God, misinformed and misguided expectations are dangerous. Many people leave the faith because they signed up for something God never delivered. What seems to be the problem here?

Feb 28, 2016Hey, Man! Which Way? God's Way, Truth , & Life or Another Way, Lies, & Death?
Standalone (not part of a series)Jonathan MarkoGenesis 3
Jan 17, 2016A Life-Giving Life
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawActs 19
Jan 10, 2016Connected 3-D
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawDeuteronomy 6
Jan 3, 2016Living in View of the Cross
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawRomans 5
Dec 13, 2015Baptism
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawMatthew 16
Nov 8, 2015Antonio Navarette
Standalone (not part of a series)1Thessalonians 1
Nov 1, 2015Communion - Celebration of the Gospel
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawTitus 2
Oct 25, 2015The Money Sermon 2015
Standalone (not part of a series)Mark ShawRomans 12

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