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Jesus: Lord and Christ

Nov 13, 2016 Sunday AM
Acts 2:22-39
After Peter explained the supernatural phenomena that people had seen and heard, he began to proclaim WHO was behind the epic event. The news was both good and bad...and good :)
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Study Notes

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  1. The Accreditation of Jesus
    God "validated" the ministry of Jesus through miracles, wonders and signs.
    This was commonly known.
  2. The Death of Jesus
    Planned by God but carried out by sinful man. The mystery of the ways of God are "above us."
  3. The Resurrection of Jesus
    "Death could not keep it's prey..." The grave could not hold Jesus. God raised Him up validating His life AND death before the Jews and the world.
  4. The Exaltation of Jesus
    Otherwise known as "The Ascension." Jesus was pouring out the Holy Spirit from His exalted place in Heaven.
  5. The Grace of Jesus
    The people that were accomplices to Jesus' death came to their senses and realized they had killed the very one they had been looking for. Now what?
    • Repent...
    • Receive...
    • Be Baptized...


  • Has your heart ever been stabbed?
  • Who are you worshiping?


As you hold the events of this past week in contrast to the words of this chapter, how might our attitudes be adjusted? What could this mean for your conversations this week with others?

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