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Pentecostal Power Pt. 2

Oct 23, 2016 Sunday AM
Acts 2:5-13

"A prime mark of the Christian mind is that it cultivates the eternal is supernaturally oriented." — Harry Blamires

"The true Bible-believing Christian is the one who lives in practice in this supernatural world." — Francis Schaeffer

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Study Notes

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  1. The Supernatural Promise
    This outpouring of the Spirit was fulfillment of the Father's promise made known through the Son. The mission of God was moving forward!
  2. The Natural Response
    1. The People Present.
      There were God-fearing Jews there from all over the earth. This manifestation of God's presence was among people who wanted Him.
    2. The Reactions and Reflections.
      They were gathered, heard the praise of God and were amazed! (And, of course there were mockers, there are always people who attempt to "explain away" the work of God)
  3. The Nature of God Revealed by His Actions
    1. He is Creative.
      God can do what He does in more than one way. We are limited, He is not!
    2. He is Seeking.
      The Father is looking for worshipers. He makes His name great so His people can make Him known.
    3. He is Unifying.
      The Father wants to reconcile all things/people through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Oneness does not require uniformity!


Your homework this week, (should you choose to accept it) is to spend some time thinking about the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Do you see anything that cannot be explained in human terms? He wants to work in us and through us but He won't without our cooperation.


Take a look at the extra insert today and think about this quote from pastor/author Francis Chan, "What if everything that happens in our life/church can be explained apart from the work and presence of God?" Or, as someone else has said, "If the Holy Spirit was removed from us, would we know the difference?" As you look over what the Holy Spirit is doing today, do you see any of His activity present in your life? Have a conversation about these matters with your small group or a friend.

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