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Pentecostal Power Pt. 1

Oct 16, 2016 Sunday AM
Acts 2:1-4

"A prime mark of the Christian mind is that it cultivates the eternal is supernaturally oriented. — Harry Blamires

"The true Bible-believing Christian is the one who lives in practice in this supernatural world. — Francis Schaeffer

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Study Notes

  1. "The Day of Pentecost."
    Pentecost is one of the Jewish festival days.  It takes place 50 days after the Feast of Firstfruits. These were days of worship and celebration.
  2. "One Accord...One Place..."
    The apostles and disciples were gathered together in unity with a common desire.
    They were most likely at the Temple or very near “the steps.”
  3. "The Promise" Came.
    The Spirit’s arrival was made known by three signs.  The sound of wind, the sight of fire and the praise of God in multiple languages.
  4. So What?
    1. Remember that we live in a supernatural universe.  There is more than we can see.
    2. The Holy Spirit is present and active
      • He is working in the world to bring people to Christ.
      • He is working in the church to build it up into Christ.


Responding to the Holy Spirit is only hard because of our self-will.  He is more interested in giving us life than we are in receiving His life.

Let’s say yes to the Spirit today!


Does your worldview include God's present activity? Do you believe He is at work today? Spend some time reading slowly through John 14, 15 and 16. Journal your thoughts or discuss them with a friend.

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