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Dealing with Disappointment

Oct 9, 2016 Sunday AM
Acts 1:15-26

The disciples were living in the dreaded "meantime" between the Ascension and Pentecost. What were they to do? How should they live? Did waiting mean doing nothing? As they waited, prayed, rejoiced and worshiped some principles from the Word became clear to them. They acted in faith and reveal for us a way of dealing with disappointment.

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Study Notes

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  1. The Comfort of a Believing Community
    As long as there have been “people of God” there have been gatherings.  In their grief and in their waiting, they spent time together.
  2. The Primacy of the Scripture
    There was a lot they did not know.  The Word of God gave them something objective for their assurance.
  3. Steps of Faith
    They could have remained frozen but they decided to act on what they knew.  They did “the next thing” while they waited for God to do what only He could do.


  • Are you wounded? Have people caused you grief?  
  • How could the community of believers assist you?  
  • Is the Word of God helping?  
  • What do you believe Jesus would have you do next?  If He hasn’t made it clear, wait.  If you know, will you do it?

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

  1. What is your identity? Do you identify yourself by your failures? If so, consider Peter's life and how Jesus restored Him. How is Jesus restoring you?
  2. How has/is the Word of God helping you as God restores you?
  3. As we consider next steps in how God would have us each move forward, John Stott references three factors that helped the disciples move forward, they are: (1) The General Leading of Scripture, (2) Common Sense, and (3) Prayer. Are you using these to help you discover what your next steps with God are?


Are you grieving and/or disappointed? Is your heart broken over something? It's very hard to "get over" a deep wound but moving forward is still possible. What did you learn from the apostles today? Are you asking "what" questions or "why" questions? Are you spending time with Jesus? What do you think He wants you to do? Are you willing to discuss this with your small group or some trusted friends?

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