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Suffered Under Pontius Pilate

Jun 26, 2016 Sunday AM
Matthew 27:11-26

We've studied the first three parts of the trial of Jesus. The ruling "religious body" known as the Sanhedrin, had declared Jesus guilty of blasphemy. The penalty was death but they could not legally carry out the sentence. They needed Rome to carry out their dirty work and as the Apostles' Creed says, Jesus "suffered under Pontius Pilate."

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Study Notes

  1. The Trial of Jesus: Part 4
    Pilate was not interested in helping the Jews with their “religious problems.” He looked for a number of ways to get out of the dilemma he found himself in as the Roman ruler…he tried to pass the matter off to Herod Antipas (See John 18).
  2. The Trial of Jesus: Part 5
    Herod Antipas was the Jewish puppet ruler for the region of Galilee. Herod wanted Jesus to do miracles or at least say something profound, but Jesus said and did nothing. Frustrated, Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate (See Luke 23:6-12).
  3. The Trial of Jesus: Part 6
    Pilate had a few tricks left. Rome released a prisoner every year at Passover. Pilate offered the Jews a choice; a notorious murderer named Jesus Barabbas or Jesus the Christ. The crowd was in a frenzy to have their way and they chose Barabbas…Pilate tried to “wash his hands” of the whole matter.
  4. The Preparation for the Cross
    Jesus was scourged a second time. This brutal treatment was to hasten death and often resulted in death. Matthew did not focus his
    attention on the extent of the suffering. The apostles were more concerned about communicating the meaning of Christ’s death.


  • Pilate was a real person in a real place in real time. This is a matter of historical record.
  • God was allowing this injustice to bring forth justice and to make the unjust just!

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

  1. Why do you think most movies focus more on the suffering of Christ than the meaning of the cross?
  2. Pilate was, as we say, "between a rock and a hard place." What else could he have done?

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