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Obituary of Judas Iscariot

Jun 19, 2016 Sunday AM

This is a sad text but the content of the Bible is more than "Chicken Soup for the Soul." Its writers did not set out to protect us from some of the harsh realities of a broken world. Rather, they remind us that through Jesus Christ we are given hope in these harsh realities. Judas had a tragic end; we don't have to end the same way.

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Study Notes

  1. The Trial of Jesus; Part 3
    In an attempt to bring some measure of legality to a kangaroo court, the Sanhedrin called for a session at first light to make their "final decision."
  2. The Failure of Judas; An Obituary
    1. His history...His father's name was Simon.
      They were from the region of Kerioth in southern Judea. Judas was a disciple by choice, an apostle by appointment and the treasurer of the group (but he had a covetousness problem).
    2. His remoarse
      When Judas realized that Jesus had been condemned, he realized he had made a horrible mistake and tried to give the money back...he even confessed his sin! What he DID NOT do was repent and seek forgiveness. His pride was in the way...
    3. His Legacy
      A field was purchased for those who did not have a place to be buried. Everyone knew where the money came from and it became known as "The field of blood." A permanent reminder of betrayal and waste.


Judas became who he was by small steps. His life didn't have to end the way that it did. What are we becoming? It is not too late to turn the corner toward "rightness." God is a good Father and is waiting to receive and forgive. Let's run to His open arms.


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