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Jun 5, 2016 Sunday AM
Matthew 26:57-68
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Study Notes

  1. Peter — Parenthetically...
    This may seem brave on Peter’s part, but it was probably a bad idea. Given what Jesus had already told him, Peter would have been better off to pray…as we will see.
  2. The Trial — Part 2
    1. Background Information...
      1. Rome made the high-priesthood an appointed position.
      2. This was very lucrative for them.
      3. An “agitated” people was a problem to Rome, this had to be squelched.
    2. The Witnesses for the Prosecution…
      They should have been looking for the ways that Jesus fulfilled the OT prophecies; instead they looked for ways to get rid of Him. They created a parade of false witnesses.
    3. The Confession of Jesus...
      The high priest took over the proceedings and put Jesus under an oath to tell the truth…and He did ☺.
    4. The Verdict
      Of course they already decided the verdict before they met but it was announced upon Jesus’ confession…”He was guilty of blasphemy!” (Impiety towards God) The penalty? Leviticus 24:16…death!


This injustice is really weird because in Jesus’ case, justice was actually being accomplished. The Just was becoming the Justifier through
injustice (see Romans 3:26). The sin debt of the world was going to be paid in full in order to satisfy the wrath of God. Are you justified?

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