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May 29, 2016 Sunday AM
Matthew 26:47-56

Perhaps there is no more infamous betrayel than the one before us today. The term, "the Judas kiss" has become synonymous with despicable, traitorous actions. We learned in previous studies that Judas had made arrangements in advance in exchange for money. He knew where Jesus would be praying that evening and led the "great multitude" to Gethsemane. The events that took place there are not what we would expect...unless we remember Jesus' purpose.

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Study Notes

The door of grace is still open. ~Augsburger

  1. The Posse
    With a warrant and leading a small army, Judas must have felt very powerful on his way to Gethsemane. His sign of betrayal was a kiss. Jesus called him, "Friend." The grace displayed here should lead us to awe and worship!
  2. The Presumption
    Luke 22 provides helpful background information to the "ear-chopping" event. We can be well-meaning, well-intentioned, passionate, committed and sorely mistaken! (This often happens when we are at "cross-purposes" with God.)
  3. The Purpose
    Verses 54 and 56 are reminders that Jesus knew exactly what was going on. He wasn’t a passive victim, He was taking initiative to fulfill the plans of the Father…written in the Scriptures and decreed before the foundation of the world.
  4. The Prophecy
    One reason that Jesus brought the prophets into the discussion was so that the crowd would take a look back and then take a look inside. Looking back is easier than looking inside. It’s scary in there and it might mean we have something to fix…


Does the arrest of Jesus bother you? Do you it hard to put your faith in Someone like Him? How would you account for the longevity of gospel proclamation? Would you believe He came to provide what you really need? Take a look back, a look in, a look ahead…and turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Questions for Small Group, Family, or Personal Reflection

Review the remarks from Dr. Gombis last week and discuss/reflect on how they connect to the text this week.

Growth Tip

We don't always have to take advantage of the resources available to us. Do you have some ways that you could follow Jesus this week in self-denial?


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