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May 8, 2016 Sunday AM
Matthew 26:31-46
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Study Notes

  1. The Warning
    1. The Stumble: Jesus reminded them of a statement from Zechariah, "When the Shepherd is struck, the sheep will scatter." He (the Shepherd), would be taken...and they (the sheep), would be scattered.
    2. The Encouragement: However, in spite of His death and their scattering, they would regather in the Galilee after He was raised up!
    3. The Overconfidence: Peter told the Lord that the other guys would probably "fold," but not him. Peter said he would "never" bail out on Jesus! To which Jesus said, "Before the rooster crows in the morning, you will have denied me three times." Ouch!
  2. The Struggle
    1. Session One: To prepare for His redemptive work, Jesus had one plan — pray! He took three disciples with Him and confessed to them that He was grieving deeply. In spite of the burden, He submitted to the Father's will.
    2. Session Two: He returned to find the disciples sleeping. They said they would die with Him but they couldn't even pray with Him. If they didn't learn to pray well, they would fail the test to come. It would take more than a willing spirit.
    3. Session Three: He came back to find them sleeping again. He was overcoming His humanity and they were yielding to theirs! In prayer, Jesus set His will to do the Father's will and prepared to meet His betrayer.


We have learned the way Jesus...

  • Set His will to do the Father's will
  • Taught His disciples to pray
  • Prepared to face betrayal

He is the Hero...He left us the means to follow in His ways...Pray!

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