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Hey, Man! Which Way? God's Way, Truth , & Life or Another Way, Lies, & Death?

Feb 28, 2016 Sunday AM
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Study Notes

Sin & Salvation


Three questions to explore:

  1. What is it like before the fall?
  2. How does the fall go down and what is the result?
  3. What is it like after the fall?

The Message

  • What is it like before the fall?
    Genesis 2:4-24
    There were only TWO paths — God's or not God's;
  • How does the fall go down and what is the result?
    Genesis 3
    man chose SATAN'S lie which results in ETERNAL  DEATH.
  • What is it like after the fall?
    There are still only two paths — CHRIST or not CHRIST; only those who choose God's truth, Jesus Christ, will have ETERNAL  LIFE.

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

  1. What are two details from the account in Genesis 2,3 that you found interesting or jumped out to you from the message?
  2. How did Eve respond to the serpant in the garden?  Did she accurately reflect what God had said earlier in Genesis 2:16?
  3. Do you find that there are times where you are unclear what God's will actually is? What can we do to prepare ourselves better to face temptations and/or lies about God or how we ought to live?
    (Hint: How did Jesus correct satan when tempted in the desert in Matthew 4:1-11)
  4. In what ways is Satan still trying and often succeeding at deceiving or misleading people today? Does the Bible have anything to say about these things,? If so, what does it say?
  5. Dr. Marko talked about there being only two paths. What are the two paths? What is the biblical basis for this? How would you explain this to someone else?


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