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Great Tribulation

Feb 21, 2016 Sunday AM
Matthew 24:15-31
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Study Notes

The questions of the disciples were not dismissed by Jesus as superfluous. He gave them the information they needed and they passed it along to us. The details of the end of this age as we know it and the beginning of Christ's reign on a new Heaven and a new earth are often debated but of this we are sure, He will return.

This may seem too distant to matter but there is great comfort in these truths...

  1. Bad, Bad Things Happen
    The “abomination of desolation” has happened at least twice and will happen again.  The previous instances were “foreshadowings.”  When this event takes place, the coming of the Lord is near.  The accompanying phenomena are described in Revelation 6-18.
  2. The Second Advent of Christ
    His return will be in power and great glory.  It would have been easy to miss His first advent…no one will miss the second coming.  Every eye will see Him.  Matthew 24:28 describes one of the reasons, perhaps the main one, for Christ’s return.
  3. So, What Comfort?
    1.  There is comfort in knowing that in the messiest of messes, God is still with us.
    2.  There is comfort in knowing that there is “a point to all this.”  History is going somewhere, to an event that will inaugurate the new beginning.
    3.  There is comfort in knowing that our labor is not in vain in the Lord  (See 1 Corinthians 15:58 in its context).
    4.  There is comfort in perspective.  We can live with “realistic optimism.”  This world is often a mess and we know why.  We also know it will not always be this way…and we have a long time to live!
    5.  There is comfort in knowing that Christ will return.  He will establish a new heavens and a new earth and we will dwell with Him forever.  This is our longing and hope.

These are the last days

Are you ready to meet the King?  You will meet Him through the door of death or at His coming.  We have this life to decide.  It is appointed unto man to die once and after that the judgment.  Are you ready?

Questions for small group, family and personal reflection

Rehearse some of the reasons for comfort. When are you most likely to have "eternity amnesia?"

Tip for Growth

If what we do now matters then, what are you doing that matters?

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