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A Life-Giving Life

Jan 17, 2016 Sunday AM
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Study Notes

Why we are Pro-Life...

"God gives the standards of value and His absolutes are binding on both the ordinary person and those in all places of authority." ~ Francis Schaeffer
See Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:7 and Exodus 20:13

"All human life is of equal worth and immeasurable value from conception to natural death because man is mad in the image of God." The Journey of a Life-Giver

  1. Why is this such a "war?"
    1. The enemy is a promoter of death.
    2. We are broken and blind.
    3. Deceit is a powerful tool.
    4. Passive/Selfish men...
    5. We are in a values conflict.
      Money and worship are involved. The abortion industry is about money. But, even deeper, the abortion "position" is about worship, the worship of self, of "rights," of mankind. Our culture places human will over God's will, this is humanism and it's effects are pervasive.
  2. Why talk about this in church?
    • Because abortion is wrong...
    • Because we believe the gospel is for all...
    • Because we need to do something...
  3. What can we do?
    • Become a life-giving person.
      "The godly are like trees that bear life-giving fruit and those who save lives are wise." Proverbs 11:30 (NLT)
      1. God wants more than action, He is looking for the kind of people for whom life-giving actions are the fruit of life. This is harder than taking up a cause!
      2. Come to Jesus. Learn from Him. Practice what He taught and we will become life giving people.
      3. Share the life-giving gospel...
      4. Speak life-giving words...
      5. Use life-giving gestures...
      6. Speak in life-giving tones...
      7. Encourage life-giving practices...
        1. Upholding the Sanctity of Human Life
        2. Reserving sexual activity for marriage
        3. Providing healing opportunities
        4. Receiving unwed mothers in love
        5. Facilitating orphan care, foster care and adoption
        6. Supporting pro-life agencies
        7. Cooperating with others of like-conviction


Becoming life-giving people:

  • Honors the Great Commandment.
  • Puts our faith in action..."faith without works is dead."
  • Gets us "on-mission" with God.

Let's become the right kind of people. Let's find our place for His glory!

Questions for family, small group or personal reflection

  • What is currently your chief obstacle to following Jesus closely?
  • What is one thing you could begin to practice that would help develop your character toward becoming a life-giving person?

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