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Connected 3-D

Jan 10, 2016 Sunday AM
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Study Notes

There are plenty of distractions in our culture. But, in all honesty, there have always been distractions to the things that matter most. Distractions to the "main thing" started with an inappropriate question in the Garden of Eden. Keeping meaningful connections intact in a world of technological breakthroughs has its challenges but we have some tips and tools to assist you to live life "Connected 3-D."

  1. Plan with Priorities
    In one way or another we are admonished in the Bible to be intentional about our priorities. What we say are our priorities means very little. What we do is the clearest test of what we believe is important.
    Our live/love for others includes...
    1. Remembering the value of all people
    2. Giving people their rightful place in our lives
    3. Doing the right thing for them
  2. Deal with Distractions
    "Connected 3-D"
    1. Disconnect to Connect
    2. Deepen internal values
    3. Develop external boundaries

"Addiction is a dependence and habitual use of something we believe we cannot live without, a craving, seeking and using — no matter what."


  • Be intentional about your relationship with God.
  • Be honest with yourself/others about your technology dependencies.
  • Tailor the suggestions in our "kit" today to suit your situation. MEN...LEAD!!!

3-D Lives are personally flourishing through meaningful relationships.

Questions for Family, Small Group, or Personal Reflection

See the seven Connected 3D discussion guides with questions and introductory videos. 

A "Technology Prayer"

Available in Pastor Shaw's blog post for this week.

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