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If Angels Brought Tidings of Great Joy, Why Do I Feel Sad?

Dec 27, 2015 Sunday AM
Luke 2:8-20
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Study Notes

Happiness is supposed to be a part of this season. We sing happy songs, get some time off, eat Holiday food and get "stuff." Sometimes we move from getting to giving and enjoy the delight of a gift well given. Quite often though there is a sense of unhappiness just underneath the surface. We can see it in people's eyes at the store. The reports of domestic disturbance go up and we realize that a lot of this so called happiness may well be fabricated. Is there more?

There is a difference between happiness and joy...

Happiness is based on circumstances. Joy is a calm delight rooted in reality, that with God, all is well.

  1. Shepherding is Not Necessarily a "Happy Vocation"
    The circumstances are difficult, the work is smelly, dirty and often dangerous. Shepherds were the "lowest of the low."
  2. Angels Reflect the Mood of Heaven
    • "Do not be afraid..."
    • "Good news of great joy..."
    • "For all people!"

    God has joy that He would like to share angel
  3. Angels Deliver the Message from Heaven
    A Savior, Christ the Lord has been born! Glory to God in the highest! God desires peace! He is for us and has good intentions. He wills our good! Wow. Wow. Wow.
  4. Real Joy Results in Worship and Witness
    With the knowledge that the King of the Universe had good intentions for mankind, the Shepherds went "outward" and "upward" in their response. People marveled at their news — whether they believed or not.‚Äč


See John 16:19-24.

  • Joy is not found in having all the details...
  • Joy does not mean the absence of sorrow...
  • Joy is not found in "circumstances" but in Christ, His provision, His promises and the pursuit of His life.

Some questions for family, small group or personal reflection

  1. What is the difference between happiness and joy?
  2. Why does it matter if God is full of joy?
  3. In what ways has God shared His joy with you/us?

Suggested means for growth

Spend some time this week thinking about your view of Heaven and specifically about God. Does the joy of Heaven cause an "upward and outward" response for you? Why or why not?

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