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If God is With Us, Why Do I Feel Lonely?

Nov 29, 2015 Sunday AM
Matthew 1:23-23
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Study Notes

Immanuel...God with us. ~Matthew 1:23

For many people the Christmas Season raises more questions than it answers. We're attempting to address some of these questions as we worship together during this Advent Season.

Our Primary Relationship is Missing or Strained

  1. We are created for relationship with God.
    It has been said, "There is a God-shaped vacuum in every man too big for anyone but God to fill."
  2. This is a relationsihp of choice.
    God is pursuing all people but He will not force Himself on any of us. The relationship with God begins and continues by faith.
  3. This relationship needs regular attention.
    ​It is natural to feel distant from people we don't spend time with, the same is true with God. He has given us something to read and an open line for prayer.

Our Secondary Relationships are Missing or Strained

  1. We were created for community.
    God is enough but in His design, we need one another. If we avoid community, we avoid one of God's cures for loneliness.
  2. These are relationships of choice.
    The community we need the most is the one that helps us become what we were created to be. What community, if any, have we chosen?
    • For help with this, meditate on the Lord's prayer (Matthew 6), and Ephesians 4:25-32.
  3. Commitment leads to Connection.
    Generally, our commitment to fellow believers creates space for us to share life shoulder to shoulder.

Our Father has Chosen to be Silent

  1. For a restorative purpose.
    The discipline of loneliness is designed to bring us to a place of fellowship. He said that if we draw near to Him, He would draw near to us.
  2. For a formative purpose.
    Sometimes the feelings (or reality) of loneliness can be used by God to strengthen our relationship with Him. When we are alone, we have a great opportunity to seek Him!
  3. For a revelatory purpose.
    Like Job, God trusts some people enough to teach the principalities and powers a lesson! Have you ever had a "Job commitment?"

Some questions for family, small groups or personal reflection

  1. What other evidence do you find in our culture of a "God-shaped vacuum that only He can fill?"
  2. Review the reasons people might feel lonely even though God is with us.

Suggested means for growth

Meditate on...

  • 2 Chronicles 15:2
  • Jeremiah 29:13
  • James 4:8

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