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A Prison Non-Break

Oct 14, 2018 Sunday AM
Acts 16:25-34
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Study Notes

  1. Lessons About Suffering
    1. Circumstances are not supreme
      Remember some of the passages Paul wrote:
      * 2 Corinthians 11 & 12
      * Romans 8:18ff
      * Philippians 4:4-7
    2. Suffering is an opportunity
      While the apostles were praising God, they were also witnessing to the prisoners. How we suffer speaks to what we believe.
  2. Lessons About God's Ways
    1. He is creative
      God doesn’t have to do the same thing the same way. We should not assume that He will always do what He has done before.
    2. He is redemptive
      God is drawing people to Himself and sometimes He uses our suffering to reach them!
  3. Lessons About Evangelism
    1. Questions may be an open door
      What are people asking you about these days? Is there a way for you to testify about God’s goodness in your answer?
    2. Genuine faith is made known by works
      *He washed them…
      *They were baptized…
      *He set food before them…
      *He rejoiced!


  1. Are you suffering? You can still rejoice in the Lord.
  2. Are you frustrated with God’s ways? Be confident of this—He is up to something ☺.
  3. Does your situation generate questions? Look for ways to declare your hope.

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