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The Disciples' Prayer Pt. 2

Sep 9, 2018 Sunday AM
Matthew 6:9-13
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Study Notes

The Disciples' Prayer, commonly known as the Lord's prayer, is a resource that "Free Prayers" (like us smiley) left nearly untapped for years. In this model prayer, Jesus the Master Teacher, lays out a way that we can simply relate to God and grow in the depth of our life with Him and others. It begins with addressing God as "Our Father in the heavens" and moves into a series of five requests.

  1. Hallowed by Your Name
  2. Your Kingdom / Your Will be Done on Earth as in Heaven
  3. Give us Today Bread for Today
  4. Forgive Us as We Forgive Others
  5. Lead Us Not into Trouble but Deliver Us from Evil

Questions for small group, family or personal reflection

  1. How does living "in the day" free us from a large amount of worry?
  2. What are some of the dangers of a bitter spirit?
  3. How would praying as Jesus recommended help us avoid resentment?
  4. Discuss a time when God clearly bailed you out of trouble.

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