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Encouraged by the Gospel

Sep 2, 2018 Sunday AM
Acts 15:30-35
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Study Notes

  1. They gathered everyone together
    The local church in Antioch had been waiting for over 40 days for a clear word on the matter of justification. Imagine the anticipation!
  2. They read the letter
    Like awaiting the test results for a diagnosis, the Gentiles of Antioch learned of their spiritual well being from the delegates who had traveled to Jerusalem.
  3. They were encouraged by the gospel
    They were reminded…
  • That they did not have to become Jewish
  • That the men did not have to be circumcised
  • That they were not legally bound to the laws of Moses
  • That salvation is a gift
  • That justification is by faith
  • That growth is progressive
  • That unity had been maintained
    “The gospel creates a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-national community of forgiven and renewed sinners whose union with Christ and fellowship in His Word and communion makes them the strangest and most wonderful family in the world.” ~ Michael Horton
  • That the gospel brings comfort and hope
  • That they had access to God in prayer
  • That the teachings of Christ lead to abundant life
  • That the Spirit was giving them understanding
  • That the Spirit was giving them gifts for service
  • That this world is passing away…and they were strengthened!


  • You are only truly well if you are “in Christ.”
  • You are only “in Christ” if you have received what He has made possible by faith.
  • We receive the symbols of His body and His blood with gratitude for the hope and comfort He provides.

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