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Communion - Celebration of the Gospel

Nov 1, 2015 Sunday AM
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Study Notes

The Lord Jesus invited us to remember Him. When we forget Him and what He did, we stray from the life He came to provide. Our remembrance of Him is not to satisfy His ego but rather to bring us comfort and remind us of His purpose. He came to fulfill the purpose of God to redeem and restore a people for His name. His actions are unmerited favor, often referred to as "grace."

  1. The Enemies of Grace
  2. Grace is Unmerited Favor
  3. Grace is God's Active Assistance

Some Questions for Family, Small Groups or Personal Refelection

  1. What misunderstandings about grace have you had in the past?
  2. How does the explanation in Titus 2 help you?
  3. Read Romans 6:1-14. What do the two texts have in common?

Suggested Means for Growth

Try to memorize Titus 2:11-12 in your favorite translation.

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