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What's Up With the OT?

Jun 17, 2018 Sunday AM
Galatians 3:26-29
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Study Notes

  1. How was Abraham made righteous?
    Genesis 15:6, Abraham, “…believed in the LORD, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.”
  2. The gospel is not a "new thing."
    The gospel was “preached” to Abraham; see Galatians 3:8.
  3. Let's use a legal contract as an illustration.
    Once a contract is ratified, it cannot be changed by others or by one party. God keeps His promises…He does not require mediation!
  4. Remember the purpose of the Law.
    1. It came with a curse/condemnation.
      Because we cannot keep it all, we are under its condemnation. (See Deut. 27:26 and James 2:10)
    2. It revealed sin.
      Like light exposes dirt, the Law exposes sin.
    3. It was a guide.
      It was a “pedagogue” until the Seed of Abraham came and people could graduate to adult-hood by faith in Christ.
  5. Remember who you are now!
    1. Sons of God!
      …through faith in Christ Jesus. No longer under the pedagogue, believers are in relationship with a Good, Good Father.
    2. In Christ!
      Believers are clothed in the “toga virilis.” This means earthly distinctions are removed and all believers are of equal status in Christ.
    3. Heirs!
      (See Romans 8:17) Believers are “joint heirs” with Christ. All that is His is ours because we are His and He is ours.


Believers have received the blessing promised to Abraham by faith in Christ. This was the point of the Old Testament all along but it had been confused. Let’s celebrate the clarity of the gospel this week!

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

  1. What was the promise to Abraham?
  2. What was the purpose of the Law?
  3. Explain the importance of the believer's new identity.

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