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Crucified with Christ

Jun 3, 2018 Sunday AM
Galatians 2:11-20

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Study Notes


Paul was writing to people in Galatia to correct false teaching about the gospel. The timing of this letter is probably between
Acts 14 and 15. His self-defense was for the gospel, it was not personal.

A Confrontation

Paul’s defense included a story about Peter. At one point even Peter started to slide toward the legalists!

A Proclamation

A familiar theme is developing, “no one is justified by the (good) works of the law.” Standing with God is through Christ alone.

A Clarification

This has two parts…

  1. Christ is NOT the minister of sin!
  2. The Law brings a sentence of death NOT of life. Real life begins when we accept “the sentence.”

An Explanation

  1. Believers have been crucified with Christ. Our “union” with Christ insures that we have really died to ourselves and the requirements of the Law.
  2. Believers are alive with the resurrected Christ. In fact, His Spirit lives IN the believer!
    This means believers are “in” Christ and Christ is “in” the believer resulting in both justification and sanctification!
  3. What started by faith, continues by faith. We are justified by faith and our sanctification continues by faith. “The
    justified shall live by faith.”


There need not be tension between justification and sanctification. Both are a reality since believers are in Christ and the
Spirit of Christ is in the believer. Are we cooperating with this work of God?

Questions for small group, family, and personal reflection

  1. Why is the tension between justification and sanctification so hard to deal with?
  2. How does Paul's explanation ease the tension?

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