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The Trouble with Trouble

May 6, 2018 Sunday AM
Acts 14:19-22
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Study Notes

  1. An Attempted Murder
    Paul’s detractors from previous communities finally caught up with him and convinced the fickle crowd to stone him and drag him outside the city—which they did.
  2. An Obvious Miracle
    Paul had been brutally stoned and left for dead. The mob “supposed him to be dead,” and left the body for others. As the disciples pondered what to do—Paul stood up!
  3. On With the Mission
    1. Making Disciples is the Mission
      The commission of Jesus in Matthew 28 was not to accumulate professions of faith but to teach people to walk in the ways of Christ.
    2. Strengthening Souls
      We don’t know exactly what they said but, their presence and their words were like spiritual steroids to the disciples.
    3. Exhorting Saints
      …to continue in the faith. Many start, fewer finish well. It’s tough to continue when things don’t go “your
    4. Reminding of Trouble
      Even the dearly loved children of God are going to suffer before the final Kingdom is in place. This is life in a broken world.


The Lord Jesus Christ has made life with God possible for time and eternity. The Communion Observance is in remembrance
of Him.

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  1. What is your problem with trouble?
  2. What role does trouble play in God's plan for today?
  3. How can we strengthen one another in trouble?

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