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The Disciples' Prayer Pt. 1

Apr 22, 2018 Sunday AM
Matthew 6:5-13
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Study Notes

The Kingdom of God is at Hand!

Both John the Baptizer and Jesus came with the same message. The reign of God in human lives is available now! (And’s it’s good). So Jesus set out to demonstrate it, explain it and invite us into the joy of it. He did this in Matthew 5-7 in His “Kingdom Manifesto” or as we know it “The Sermon on the Mount”.

The Disciples' Prayer

  1. Pitfalls to Prayer
    1. Don’t pray for show but sincerely. There is a pull to be “known” for praying. Resist this, choose the greater reward!
    2. Don’t pray to coerce but confidently. God is not “mechanistic” but personal. He knows us and desires to be actively involved.
  2. A Pattern for Prayer
    1. Address God.
      Our Father in the Heavens
    2. Request of God.
      Hallowed be Your Name
      Your Kingdom Come
      Your Will be Done
      On Earth as it is in Heaven


  • Think of God as actively involved.
  • Prioritize the relationship.
  • Live into the prayer.

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