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What Makes Good News Bad?

Apr 8, 2018 Sunday AM
Acts 14:1-7
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Study Notes

  1. The Good News about the Good News
    People believed! If you wonder what they believed, we are reminded in 13:15-39. This was the basic outline of gospel teaching.
  2. The Bad News about the Good News
    Some people refused to believe! Not content to simply reject the message, they went on the offensive to discredit those who did believe.
    Paul and Barnabas left and started sharing the gospel in the next town.
  3. What Makes Good News Bad?
    1. The Gospel is humbling
      My works and good deeds do not have what it takes to be right with God.
    2. The Gospel is exclusive
      Jesus is “The Way…” This excludes all other ways.
    3. The Gospel is inclusive
      It is for all people—even the ones you don’t like.
    4. The Gospel is bloody
      The shedding of blood and death were required as a penalty for our sins—Jesus took that penalty on our behalf.
    5. The Gospel calls for obedience
      When we obey we walk in the light—and when we walk in the light, it exposes darkness—and people love darkness.
    6. The Gospel is strange
      Just stop and think for a few minutes about what we really believe!


We believe all this and we meet around a Table with bread and cup to remember Him and all He has done.

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

  1. Have you ever had an adverse reaction from someone when sharing the gospel? Why?
  2. Why is it often wiser to walk away than to fight on these matters?

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