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Set Free

Aug 13, 2017 Sunday AM
Mark 1:40-45
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Study Notes

  1. The Submission (v. 40)
  2. The Solution (vs. 41,42)
  3. The Surprise (vs. 43-45)

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

Do you feel burdened with something? Have you thought of your situation as helpless?

Who do you turn to for help with your burden? Jesus is Great Redeemer, He is the One who sets people free. He "is willing," to set us free from our burdens and bondage. If you have not turned to Jesus with your burdens, run to Him.

If you have accepted Jesus' forgiveness through repentence and surrending yourself to Him, have you given yourself to His instruction and are you being obedient to Him? 


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