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Little Did I Know

Aug 6, 2017 Sunday AM
2Timothy 4:7-8

Bob Schindler, Founder and Global Ambassador of Mission One (, gives an update on those we are partnered with that are engaged in the mission work in Laos. He also shares from 2 Timothy about living in light of what God has called us to today.

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Study Notes

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  • Reflect on your life and consider whether it has gone as you had anticipated. Are you glad that God did not reveal your future to you all at once?
  • Share with someone something God has done in your life that you would not have anticipated when you first trusted Jesus and began following Him.
  • What does it mean to "live in the light that God has given you today?"
  • Do you know what God desires that you do today?
    • If so, are you doing it? If not, what is keeping you from being obedient to Him?
    • If you do not know what God desires of you today, take time to pray and diligently seek Him. Talk and pray with someone, you trust, to help you identify what it is that God desires of you and to encourage you in your faith.

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