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Abide in Me

Jul 30, 2017 Sunday AM
John 15:1-11
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Study Notes

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  1. The Vine and the Gardener (v.1)
    Life with God is built on God’s happiness.
  2. The Vine and the Branches (vs. 2-8)
    ‚ÄčLife with God grows by staying close to Christ.
    1. Fruitless branches are taken away.
    2. Fruitful branches are pruned.
    3. The job of the branch is to abide.
    4. The Father is glorified as the branches bear fruit.
  3. The Pattern of Jesus (v. 9-10)
    Life with God is modeled by Jesus.
  4. The Purpose of Jesus (v. 11)
    Life with God is marked by Joy.


  • Relax, God and His Kingdom are at hand and are peaceful.
  • Beloved, let’s make time for Christ to be with Him, to listen to Him and to receive His love.
  • The “Christ-life” will result in love to those closest to you! Cooperate with that.

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  1. How does the Father's love for Jesus bring you comfort?
  2. As Christ-branches, what is our primary job?
  3. Jesus set the example of "Abiding in the Father's love." How did He do it?
  4. Why is it important to know, that Jesus is seeking our joy?

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