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An Autopsy of Israel Pt. 2

Jul 16, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 7:17-43
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  1. Reminders from Moses
    1. Birth to 40
      Stephen had great respect for Moses.
    2. 40-80
      Rejected in his first attempt, Moses went to Midian, married and had two sons.
    3. 80-120
      When Moses returned, he led the people out of Egypt but they quickly disregarded God and wandered in unbelief.
  2. Reminders about "The Living Oracles."
    "This Moses" received the "words of life" but they were rejected before they made it off the mountain!
    God "gave them over" to themselves (see Romans 1:24).


Do you choose life? In other words, do you regularly choose Him who is life? If we are going to be "life-giving" people, we'll need to be people who receive life first. Choose life.

Questions for Small Group, Family or personal reflection

  1. Why do you think the Court ignored the obvious failures of their forefathers?
  2. What idols do we have today that we think will bring us life?
  3. Should we ever use the phrase "God-forsaken places?" Why or why not?


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