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An Autopsy of Israel Pt. 1

Jul 9, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 7:1-16
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  1. The Question
    It seems pretty straight-forward, "Are these things so?" A yes or no answer would have worked but Stephen was more interested in the context of the answer.
  2. The Answer Pt. 1
    1. Respect: He referred to his accusers as "brethren and fathers."
    2. Reverence: He reminded them that ultimately, this whole dispute had to include HIM!
    3. Reminders from Abraham
      • Where God called Abraham from...
      • What Abraham did and did not receive...
      • "Before there was a "hold land," there was a "holy people."
    4. Reminders from Joseph
      • God was with him...though he was rejected.
      • God was with Egypt
      • God used the "rejected one" to "deliver."


  • The initiative of God
  • God's actions are not confined
  • Acceptable worship is not confined
  • Relationship with God transcends religious convention and convenience
  • The importance of faith

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