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Prayer and the Word

Jun 18, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 6:1-7
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  1. Growth Pains
    The church was “multiplying” and growth brought problems. Problems were responded to with murmuring. Murmuring was squelched with solutions.
  2. Growth Plans
    1. Confession...they acknowledged the problem
    2. Humility...they recognized others were capable of solutions
    3. Direction...the apostles reminded the disciples of the "big things."
  3. Growth Priorities
    Job One was that everyone should find their "vocation" and do it!
    ‚ÄčThis allowed the Teachers of the Word to concentrate on their part...
    • Worship...specifically highlighting prayer AND
    • Word...serving the Word nourishes the sould.

    When everyone did their part, the Word "got out" and even further growth took place. It ALL MATTERS in the kingdom.


  1. Deal with Conflict
  2. Fulfill your Vocation
  3. Adjust the Structure
  4. Keeping Prayer and Word in their proper place.


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