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Risen Indeed

Apr 16, 2017 Sunday AM
Matthew 28:1-20
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Study Notes

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  1. The Contrast of Response
    1. Belief
    2. Rejection
    3. Indifference
  2. We are All Historians
    We choose what "weight" to give to what we remember. The weight we give a memory should be in harmony with reality.
  3. The Trouble with Cognitive Bias
    • "The creation of subjective reality..."
    • If the disciples had a cognitive bias, it was against the resurrection NOT for it.
    • Cognitive bias against reality is dangerous...


The only reasonable response to the truth of the Resurrection is...


Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  1. How have you responded to Jesus?
  2. What "history" is determining your future?
  3. Do you live in light of what is real? How?

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