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A Sharing Church

Apr 2, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 4:32-37
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Study Notes

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  1. Unity in Diversity Should be Characteristic of the Church
    1. There was a multitude of believers. There were many and they were diverse.
    2. They were of one heart and soul (mind). They had a common purpose rooted in a common doctrine.
    3. Unity is difficult. Ephesians 4:3, “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit…”
  2. Sharing Should be Characteristic of the Church
    1. Because of Proper Recognition: …that God is the One who owns everything, we are managers.
    2. Because there are needs. Gal. 6:10
      “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”
  3. Proclamation Should be Characteristic of the Church
    • We are not here to be a club and to make our lives more comfortable.
    • We are here to continue to proclaim that Jesus Christ died and was raised up and that there is life in His Name!


Praying. Sharing. Caring. Proclaiming.

Questions for Small Group, Family and Personal Reflection

Spend time with Jesus this week and do what He tells you to do as you reflect on these questions.

  1. What makes unity, within the church, difficult? Are there particluar things that makes it difficult for you specifically? If they are not doctrinal, is there anything you are doing or can do to make unity easier for you? Do you need to repent of anything, to change your way of thinking about something that has been an obstacle to unity for you?
  2. Are there needs in the church or in the community that are going unmet? Is there anything more you should be doing to help meet those needs directly or indirectly?
  3. Is there anyone you know who needs to hear about Jesus' death, resurrection and the life that is available in Him? Pray for them. Does God want you to invite them to Easter service or for you to share the gospel with them in some other way?

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