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A Praying Church

Mar 26, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 4:23-31
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Study Notes

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  1. A Praying Church Communicates
    The apostles "reported" what had happened. They did not see themselves as "lone rangers," they were a part of a community.
  2. A Praying Church, Prays Together
    They were of "one mind." There was unity so they prayed together. They prayed together because there was unity.
  3. A Praying Church Worships God
    Worship filled prayer is the pattern of God's people. Their recognition of God's sovereign reign gave them the assurance of His help.
  4. A Praying Church Knows the Scripture
    If we will pray well, we must know the Word well! They immediately recognized the similarity between Psalm 2 and their circumstances.
  5. A Praying Church Asks for Help
    They knew they needed God's protection and provision, they were willing to ask. They even asked for what got them in trouble the first time!
  6. A Praying Church Witnesses the Super-Natural
    If everything that happens around here is explainable in human terms, we better pray more!


Prayer is characteristic of the Church and unique to the church as a "human organization." Please join us for a week of prayer asking God for boldness, direction and provision.

Questions for small group, family or personal reflection

  • Do you pray with others? Why or why not? Could you set aside time this week to pray with 2 or 3 believers? Please pray for your needs and for "Our Story Continues."
  • Do you pray using the Scriptures? If so, what are some passages that have been helpful to your prayer life? Spend some time prayerfully reading the Scriptures. One idea is to pray one or more of Paul's prayers for specific individuals in the Church.
  • Do you pray expectantly? Have you seen God at work, in relation to your prayers, in ways that aren't explainable in human terms? 

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