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The Two Paths

Feb 12, 2017 Sunday AM
Psalm 1:1-6

"You have reached your destination!" Most of us have heard our GPS say that to us a time or two. To arrive at the proper destination requires receiving the right kind of direction and responding to it. "Turn around when possible!" Yeah, we've heard that one too. Today we'll look at an ancient text about a modern and the two approaches there are to living it.

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Study Notes

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  1. The Reality of the Two Paths
    Each person is looking for the same things — happiness and goodness. God sees this clearly and He also sees how people seek it.
  2. The Difference between the Two Paths
    1. Counsel (v. 1-2) 
      Who we listen to matters. The blessed person begins by rejecting a certain kind of advice in favor of something better.
    2. Fruit (v. 3-4)
      The blessed person is marked by stability, fruitfulness and inner flourishing. But the one who refuses God is like chaff, they lack the life of God in them.
    3. Destiny is "the events that will necessarily happen to a person in the future." God has designed humans to choose but our choice will lead us to a destiny.
  3. Jesus and the Two Paths
    1. He is our Teacher
      He knows the path of life and is willing to guide us in it.
    2. He works to produce fruit
      He enjoys re-making people from the inside out.
    3. He secures our destiny
      He gives standing with God to all who trust in Him.


  • Will you be His student today?
  • Will you cooperate with His efforts to produce fruit in you?
  • Will you place your hope in Christ for standing with God?

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  1. Bart suggests that everyone seeks happiness and goodness in some form or fashion. How and where have you sought after these?
    God says that happiness and goodness can be found in Jesus, but where does the world say that happiness and goodness can be found?
  2. What are the two paths to choose from? (See Matthew 7:13-14)
  3. What is involved in choosing the path of life?
  4. What does it mean to delight and meditate on the law of the Lord? How can you make this your inclination?

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