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What I Have, I Give You...

Jan 29, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 3:1-10

When we read Acts, it is often hard to remember that we are reading the on-going work of Jesus through His people in the power of the Holy Spirit. We can get preoccupied with the descriptive and miss the prescriptive. We can become enamored with the miracles and miss the meaning.

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Study Notes

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  1. They Did What They Could
    1. Peter and John
      They didn't have money they didn't have a plan but they did have access to God in prayer...and they did that!
    2. The lame man
      Acts 4:22 informs that this man was over 40. This man, with a genuine need, did what he knew to do. He was dropped off at the Temple to ask for money.
  2. They Offered What They Had
    1. Attention
      Led of the Spirit, the apostles went to one man and gave him their undivided attention...and they asked for the same.
    2. An Alternative
      They didn't have money but through their partnership with Jesus, they had something better smiley. Jesus healed the man! His walking, leaping, and praising drew a crowd.
  3. There is More Here...This Was a Sign
    1. About the "Name"
      The apostles were not acting in Jesus' absence but rather in His presence. Jesus di the miracle.
    2. About the "Lame"
      This was a real person but he is a picture of much more...look in the mirror.
    3. About the "Need"
      Don't miss the bigger story here. Jesus is interested in our personal problems and annoyances but the gospel message goes much deeper than that.


Don't wast your life murmuring about what you don't have. Start with what you do have and "Do the best you can with what you have." We have access to God in prayer and partnership with Jesus because of His incredible work. Join Him.

Questions for Small Group, Family or Personal Reflection

  1. Talk about things you have a hard time doing if you can't do them to your satisfaction. How does this bind us from growth?
  2. Read the rest of the chapter (Acts 3). What else do you learn about Jesus? Why does it matter?

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