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Life in the Early Church Pt. 1

Jan 8, 2017 Sunday AM
Acts 2:42-47

As we resume our study of Acts at the beginning of this new year, it is appropriate and helpful to think about what those early days of the church were like. The apostles had witnessed the resurrection and exaltation of Jesus Christ. They had received the supernatural gift of the promised Holy Spirit. They were joined by 3000 others who repented and believed after the first "Christian sermon." A new community was forming; not against Judaism but out from it. What did they do? Is this more than historical narrative? Should what they did have any impact on what we do? Let's take a look...

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Study Notes

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Characteristics of the Early Church

  1. They were devoted to Doctrine
    They were ready to learn and the apostles taught them to obey everything that Jesus taught.
  2. They were devoted to the Fellowship
    They were committed to the partnership of the gospel. Participation in the life of the body was a priority.
  3. They were devoted to Communion
    They were committed to the gospel and what Christ had done and were ready to proclaim it until He came back.
  4. They were devoted to Prayer
    ​They believed they lived in a supernatural universe and that they were dependent upon God.


Our "progress" as a local church cannot be away from these ideals, it must be toward them. This will only happen as we commit to the ideals personally. Let us be devoted to doctrine, the fellowship, the work of Christ and prayer.

Questions for small groups, family and personal reflection

  • What does it look like today to be devoted to doctrine?
  • What connections in your life have the most influence over you?
  • How does meditation on the work of Christ assist your walk with Him?
  • What plans do you have for prayer this year?

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