Gospel Agency


The Gospel Agency is what the church does, we are agents of the gospel.  For kids in the Children's Area, we are learning what the gospel is and how to live it out in our lives.

2nd & 3rd Grade:

They will go over the specifics of the gospel: God loves us. Our sin keeps us from Him. Jesus provided Himself as a solution to this problem. We give an answer to this gift. The verses in their books go through the different parts of the gospel. By the end of March, they will have learned verses that help them be able to know what the gospel is.

4th & 5th Grade:

4th & 5th graders in the Gospel Agency are also agents of the gospel. They have been through previous Gospel Agency training and know the gospel, or have had an introduction to it. They will continue a more in-depth study of the gospel. 

Helpful hints: We will work with your child to learn the verse each night, but ideally they can already have it memorized. You can initial their page if you have talked about what they are learning or practiced the verse with them. 


  • We have missions 3 times a year. These missions are prayer, interviewing someone and sharing the gospel. The kids earn extra prizes that are given out at the end of the year for completing these missions as agents of the gospel.
  • At the end of the year, the kids also will receive awards based on how long they have been an "agent".
  • Another extra, by memorizing all the verses in their books, they get a $90 scholarship for Lincoln Lake Baptist Youth Camp. This scholarship is provided by the church on their behalf.
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9-10  Sunday Nights begin

9-17  Crazy Hair Night

10-15  Sports Jersey Night

10-29  Glow Night

11-5  Off - Church Potluck

11-12  Camouflage Night

12-3  Bathrobe Night

12-10  Red/Green Night

12-17  Off - Annual Meeting

12-24  Off - Merry Christmas

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1-14  Crazy Socks Night

2-4  Red/Heart Night

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2-25  Kings & Queens Night

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