Sticks and Stones...

June 28, 2024 (26 days ago)

Remember? I know I’ve brought this up before but that statement that “words will never hurt me,” is so wrong. Words are from the heart, so words have meaning. Words carry a certain weight depending on who they come from. Generally, the closer we are in a relationship, the more the words weigh. If they are words of blessing from someone close, they really bless! If words of hurt come from someone close, they really hurt! We refer to the Bible as God’s Word which means the words are His words. The truths are His truths. One of the struggles we face as followers of Jesus comes when the words of a person close to us conflict with God’s words. We must make a choice at that point. Whose words will carry more weight with us? Who will we honor? Who will we please? In our study in 1 Samuel, we’ll learn that this was Priest Eli’s problem. He chose to honor his sons rather than God. He chose their words over His Word. We face this struggle on a more regular basis than we may realize. Maybe it’s as simple as what you think about what God thinks about you. Someone may have used derogatory language about you—someone close. But if you are believer, God refers to you as a saint! You are His dearly loved child! Whose words have more weight? That finite human or the Infinite God?