July 5, 2024 (19 days ago)

Symbols are used to remind us of ideas. When we see a Swoosh, certain things come to mind. When we see the Golden Arches, certain things come to mind. Symbols were used before the days of mass-marketing. For many centuries, the cross, the anchor and the fish have been used as reminders of Christianity. That’s not wrong but the symbols the Lord gave us are known as “ordinances,” they are His prescribed memorials. We baptize by immersion because He told us to do this. We are reminded of our immersion into life with the Triune God and of the death, burial and resurrection that brought us life. We remember the body and blood of Jesus through a wafer and cup. We are reminded not only of the cross but also of the way that the Lord Jesus nourishes our inner lives. He is our Shepherd and He sustains and refreshes us day by day. The regularity of these observances keeps us mindful of the Lord’s mercy and presence.