Your God is Too Small

June 7, 2024 (one month ago)

That’s the title of a book by J.B. Phillips. In the introduction he wrote, “Many men and women are living, often with inner dissatisfaction, without any faith in God at all. This is not because they are particularly wicked or selfish or, as the old-fashioned would say, “godless,” but because they have not found with their adult minds a God big enough to “account for” life. Big enough to “fit in with” the new scientific age, big enough to command their highest admiration and respect, and consequently their willing cooperation.” That was written in 1961 and I think we have digressed! It’s not that God has become smaller and the world’s problems larger. It is that we have often failed to think about God according to the truths He has disclosed about Himself. Read Isaiah 40. We worship the One who “stretches out the Heavens like a curtain,” and who calls all the stars by name! The so-called wise men of this world will ignore God’s self-disclosure and dismiss this truth as “pie-in-the-sky-bye-and-bye.” They suggest to us that we’re living in the “real world” and we need real answers. It’s no wonder that people are anxious, distracted and afraid. The truth is, “This is my Father’s world” and His kingdom is the real world. The world being designed by man without God is temporary and fleeting. It is passing away as the grass and the flowers. God has given us practices to assist us in finding comfort and peace in this world. Hannah knew what she was doing, let’s learn what she learned. God is not too small.