Heads Up!

January 26, 2024 (29 days ago)

We have a guest speaker this weekend. Let me explain. Calvary Baptist Church has been a part of a fellowship of churches since 1954. There are over 150 Baptist churches in the state that are part of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches. This group is now known as The Bridge Fellowship and Doug Crawford is the Executive Director. Pastor Crawford is serving our fellowship of churches in numerous ways. He facilitates a team of fellow pastors that help churches and pastors navigate conflict, work through growth pains and promote church health. Pastor Crawford and a team that he has assembled will be meeting with our Elders on Saturday to discuss strategic planning, growth strategies and paradigm adjustments as we look ahead to whatever the Lord may have for us. Pastor Crawford will be preaching on Sunday and I trust you’ll be ready with an open heart. He is someone that I enjoy listening to because he believes the Word of God is the Word we need. Please pray for our Elders, pray for our Board, and pray for the team that will be helping us examine our “church life” on Saturday. We are open to help, open to the Lord’s leading and open to what the Spirit wants to say to us about our future planning as a church.