Giving Stories

October 27, 2023 (7 months ago)

I have had the privilege of hearing many, many “giving stories.” Truthfully, Diane and I have some amazing “giving stories” of our own. I hope you have some, and I pray you have more! A giving story is an example of how God cared for, blessed and/or provided for you with a direct connection to your giving. I first heard giving stories from my mom and dad. My dad would tell us at the end of the year how amazed he was with God’s provision. My parents gave away 10% or more every year, yet we always had more than enough. Times were tight sometimes, but the tithe went in the plate and God always “came through.” Giving is a recognition that we are not self-made. We live because God gives life and all things. Everything we have is from God. Everything we have ever received is from God. Giving is a way of saying thank You to God and a constant means of putting the rival “mammon” in its place. Money wants to take God’s place. Giving is a tangible way of putting mammon down and exalting God. And God comes through! It’s happened so many times for us and for others it CANNOT be coincidence or wishful thinking. God even invites us to try Him out. (Malachi 3). NOT to test Him with presumption but to trust Him with giving and watch how He provides. There are financial principles that work in this world. One of the principles that believers know to be true is that we can live better on 90% than we can on 100%. As one young couple from our church told me, “that’s God-math.” Try it and get yourself some of your own “giving-stories.”