Need and Grace

August 18, 2023 (one month ago)

When it comes to need, people are funny. Some of us emphasize our need because we long for nurture and support. Others of us hide our need because we want to be seen as strong and sufficient. Neither is wrong, but one thing is true: To be human is to need. We all need food and water, security and significance. The rub comes when our needs intersect with a broken world. This is trouble. This is the “wobble”. The “wobble” is the result of sin in the world. In Romans 8:20 Paul taught that God subjected the world to futility. Why did He do that? To illustrate let me tell you a story. I had a strange noise in my car this week. Being a lousy mechanic, I brought it into the shop. Things weren’t right (the “wobble”). But the “wobble” brought me to the mechanic to fix it! The world’s “wobble” makes us aware something is not right and gives us reason to bring it to the One Who can do something about it.

Our text this week in Mark 5:21-43 is the story of “Two Daughters”. Externally, they are very different. One is from a privileged and warm family. The other has been sick and secluded. One is from wealth. The other is poor. But they had this in common: they both had need. And when a need exceeds human ability, it draws people to Jesus. In both cases, people had to admit their need and surrender to the One Who could do something about it.

We long for deliverance from this brokenness and so we should for we are saved “in hope” (Romans 8:20). But for now, our need has value. It reminds us of our dependency. It draws us to Him. And when we come to Him, we find that He meets needs that we didn’t even realize we had!

Guest Blogger: Pastor Bart Bouman