Fear God. Honor the king

August 11, 2023 (9 months ago)

God established human authority for human flourishing. Anarchy (the complete absence of government) leads to ruin. It has always seemed to me, though I am subject to refutation on this, that anarchists either 1) want to be in charge or 2) have too high a view of humanity. Personally, I value government. Primarily because it is ordained of God. Secondarily, because I don’t want to personally fight with people over property and possessions. I don’t want to build my own roads. I don’t want to be judge and jury. I’m glad some people are kept off the streets. I’m thankful for the police and fire departments. I’m thankful we have a military force. That said, even those of us that favor government over anarchy live with some tension. It’s not always clear to us or the government where the lines are. Government leaders have been guilty of “overreach.” In some places, the government is so corrupt, the people they are supposed to help are oppressed and living in squalor. I have visited a couple of places in the world where a clean sweep of the government and a replacement would have been very helpful. Ultimately, the well-being of a nation depends more on the people being governed than the government. The best of government over a corrupt people is still a mess. The worst of government over a good and loving people can still produce life. What we really need is truly good people in office and “on the ground.” There is only one way for that to be accomplished—gospel transformation. In order for our testimony to have impact, we’re going to have to do our best to live within the guidelines established. To fear God, honor the “powers that be,” and proclaim the gospel.