How to Pray for Seniors

May 19, 2023 (16 days ago)

This weekend we will be recognizing our High School seniors. Many of them have graduated, others will graduate soon. High School graduation is a “mile-stone” in life. It is a marker along the journey in our American experience. Whether it’s from home school, private school or public school, graduation signals a new chapter. What do we want for them? Do we want the American Dream? Do we want them to find a trade and/or get an education? Do we want them to marry, buy a house, have children and get a cat? Do we want them to be recognized, successful and financially secure? While none of these ideals are evil, they are not ultimate for those who follow Christ. We’re wrapping up our study of Hebrews and the letter closes with a doxology. It is a prayer for the main things, we could even say, the ultimate things. If what we want for our seniors doesn’t include the ultimate things, we’re no different than the secular world around us. Let’s pray that our seniors truly know God as He has revealed Himself and, that they conform to the image of His Son that God might receive the glory. This, is the desire of God and it should be what we desire as well.