March 17, 2023 (one year ago)

Have you ever heard the expression, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes?” A cobbler is a shoe maker and/or one who repairs shoes. The saying refers to someone with a specific skill that is so busy helping others that his own home is neglected. Sadly, this is true with Christians at times. Our study last week concentrated on the importance of brotherly love, including the care of strangers and prisoners. The needs of others are often so great that the needs at home are neglected. Hebrews 13 reminds us that the brotherly love to others should extend to one’s home. The people in our homes are our first neighbors. We could summarize this way, “Let brotherly love continue…let marriage be held in honor among all.” In other words, while loving others, don’t take marriage for granted. If you are married, it is an honorable status before God, take good care of God’s gift. If you are not married, you are not a “second-class” citizen of Heaven, you are complete in Christ. While marriage is honorable it is not ultimate. Our life with Christ, in Christ and for Christ’s glory is ultimate. So if you are married, be thankful and keep the home-fires burning. If you are single, you are neither better than nor worse than those who are married. We are all the Bride of Christ, privileged to be married to Him who is our Groom, the One who has prepared a place for us and is coming again to receive us to Himself. Even so, Lord Jesus, we are watching and waiting.